Westfield Miranda Re-opening


The catchment area for the new Westfield Miranda mall has a strong surf and skate culture. Westfield wanted to connect with, and drive traffic among local youth.


Pro-skater Corbin was mined as a brand advocate for the launch of Westfield Miranda. He fit the brief having been born in the area and has massive influence and social reach among youth surfer/skater culture in the Miranda community.  The partnership involved a fashion/art video featuring Corbin skating through the new mall prior to opening. This was an irreverent new way for Westfield to connect with the youth audience. The video was pushed out through digital and social channels.


Credibility for Westfield with the local youth audience and association for Corbin with a multi-national brand.


“I was very pleased to collaborate with Baker Brand to create a fashion/art video to launch Westfield Miranda. The association was relevant to me given that I grew up in the area and the mall was an important part of my youth. It was a fresh approach for Westfield and I think a lot of people were pleasantly surprised with this direction”. Corbin Harris, pro-skater