Westfield Carindale art project


Facing intense competition from a competitive mall Westfield Carindale needed a fast and inexpensive way to drive mall traffic, create media interest and deliver design credentials. The Brisbane market likes to celebrate local talent and brands.


Brisbane born Anthony Lister is an internationally renowned street artist and on the eve of his debut on the New York art scene had strong media interest. The execution was in-mall experiential with Lister creating an artwork in full view of shoppers. This drove a social and publicity campaign.


As well as expected media coverage from TV and newspaper the partnership gained coverage in fashion, art and street titles giving Westfield Carindale exposure in these titles for the first time. Anthony Lister was able to reach a wider audience and maximise press coverage in the lead up to his New York debut.


“I get approached by brands every other day. I only work with people that want to give people something more than what people want. That’s why I wanted to work with Baker Brand. We gave it to them”. Anthony Lister – Artist.