Vogue Australia 50th Anniversary


VOGUE Australia celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009. The opportunity was to capitalise on the occasion to reinforce VOGUE’s iconic status to capture new readers, increase subscription, convert vogue.com.au traffic to VOGUE Australia readers and increase sales of the September issue by 30%. Baker Brand’s brief was to create an integrated communications campaign to support these objectives and ensure that key stakeholders felt touched by the hand of VOGUE – this included VOGUE staff (past and present), fashion designers and fashion industry, advertisers and most importantly VOGUE readers.


To deliver on the multiple and varied objectives there was a staggered campaign that took place across a nine month period. The campaign commenced with publicity outreach to create awareness for VOGUE’s legacy, peaked with a glamorous black tie gala event for Australia’s 800 most powerful fashion influencers and then rolled out nationally on a local level with exhibitions in shopping centres and regional fashion week events as well as partnerships with advertisers and culminated in the launch of a book ‘In VOGUE. 50 years of Australian style’. The roll-out involved an integrated publicity campaign involving print, broadcast and digital (this was before the advent of social media), multiple events from a black-tie gala to shopping centre book signings, partnerships with advertisers, brand endorsements and influencers.


Generated EAV of $6,500,000. The September issue was a sell-out and the cover featuring Cate Blanchett illustrated by David Downton was voted Best Cover of 2009 by Time Magazine.


“One of the greatest pleasures of the 50th anniversary of Vogue Australia was working with Baker Brand on strategy. We were always on the same page, about every detail. The event was a career highlight and an industry benchmark.” Kirstie Clements, Former Editor-in-Chief - Vogue Australia